macOS Sierra on unsupported MacBook Pro

macOS Sierra

For the first time, I didn’t upgrade my MacBook Pro to the newest macOS in the first week of a release.
I had my reasons… I was disappointed that my MacBook Pro 5,4 (mid 2009) is not supported by macOS Sierra. What??? Not supported??? Should I buy new hardware then?

Well, I found a site ( where the writer states that it might be possible to install macOS Sierra on my MacBook Pro. Yeah right. Just patch the macOS Sierra install and install? No way! There must be some disadvantages or unsupported things… I searched for experiences from others who have used this patch. I really could not find any (poorly searched?). By writing my experience, am I the first?

My hardware specs

The system I performed the patch on, has the following hardware specs

  • Processor: 2,53GHz Intel Core2Duo
  • Memory: 8GB 1067 DDR3
  • No Superdrive anymore
  • 2x SSD’s; 250GB and 120 GB

If you have at least the same model as I have and you also have your doubts, well, here is my experience so far:

  • Install and patch date 20 October 2016, so no updates or patches received from the AppStore yet. I will update this post when 10.12.1 is released. Will I receive the update automatically, or not?
  • No breaking of hardware! Everything is supported!
  • No performance issues what so ever!
  • When I connect with my WiFi-network, the established connection is faster than with El Capitain, so this is a big plus.
  • The process of shutting down takes longer than El Capitain and prior. I will monitor this process.

Update 29 October 2016

Well, everything is working just fine. Including the received update of version 10.12.1 on the date of outcome. But, there is a big ‘but’ for me personal. To receive this and future updates, you will have to change the Software Catalog from default Apple to “AUS Production Branch”(What is this???). I think this could be a safety hazard from a security point of view. Who or what are you switching to? Is the pushed update legit? And moreover, is it not being manipulated with some extra features (yes, I mean with included malware)?

A perfectly working macOS Sierra on my unsupported MacBook, but with a lot of questions I have mentioned above… Outcome; I did a clean install of Mac OS X El Capitain again to clear my conscience.

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