iOS tips and tricks

iOS tips and tricks

I have been familiar with iOS since the iPhone 3GS. But some now and then I hear or see some iOS tips and tricks that I did not know. This page is a collection of those iOS tips and trics and perhaps, you will find something you even did not know.

Sharing photos

Most people share photos by using Whatsapp, because it is quick and foremost, the most easy way. But you might have noticed that the quality of the shared photo is reduced. The diagram below shows the quality reduction by the app being used:

 ResolutionSizeColor profile
Original4032 x 30242,7MBP3
WhatsApp1024 x 768137KBRGB
Facebook Messenger4032 × 3024886KBsRGB
Instagram Direct640 x 47984KBRBG
Telegram1104 x 828304KBsRGB
iMessage4032 x 30242,7MBP3

As you can see iMessage does not reduce the photo quality, neither does AirDrop. AirDrop is also the most suitable option for sharing videos.

Move your cursor easy in a textfield

For years I was zooming in on my cursor in a textfield and moved it around with my finger. Imagine a long url in the navigation-bar of Safari. This is really a pain in the ass. Best way is to press the Space bar (hold it for like 3 seconds) and you will see that you can move the cursor a lot more easier.

Export notes to pdf

Export notes to PDF is the easiest method that is already standard in the Notes app on the Mac. Here you will export the notes per piece:

  1. Select the note that you want to export.
  2. Open the menu and choose Archive.
  3. Click on Export as PDF.

Using the builtin unit/currency converter

iOS comes standard with a builtin unit and currency converter. Access to the converter is quite easy; from your home screen swipe left till you see the search bar on top of the screen. Just type what you want to convert. That’s it.

Unit and currency converter in iOS

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