iOS tips and tricks

iOS tips and tricks

I have been familiar with iOS since the iPhone 3GS. But some now and then I hear or see some iOS tips and tricks that I did not know. This page is a collection of those tips and trics and perhaps, you will find something you even did not know.

website performance

Increasing your website performance

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In this topic I will get into the world of website performance by addressing the benefits of increasing the performance and some tooling too accomplish the increasing of your website performance. All this is based on own experiences.


Apple discontinues development AirPort routers

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What is happening at Apple??? According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg – which offers excellent sources inside Apple – the wireless router team is slowly dismantled within Apple and its engineers to put into other projects such as the Apple TV.

macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra on unsupported MacBook Pro

For the first time, I didn’t upgrade my MacBook Pro to the newest macOS in the first week of a release. I had my reasons… I was disappointed that my MacBook Pro 5,4 (mid 2009) is not supported by macOS Sierra.